For start ups

Looking to take the leap and start out in the transport industry there is a rental plan for everyone!

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For small business

Looking for that edge to set you apart from the competition or just want to work smarter saving money?

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For enterprise

Fully integrated B2B systems with proven reliable services that none of our competitors can offer, such as our GPS/Mobile telecommunications network!

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Advanced Features

Wireless Data Terminals, Signatures Capture, Barcoding, Business-to-Business Integration and More. We are working to make sure our customers are leaders in the adoption of new technology. Avoid being left behind by your competitors:



A beautiful interface simple to use

Our interface makes taking a booking, allocating and invoicing a breeze. EDI can be used to create automatic bookings, allocations and invoicing.

Atlantic gateway connecting your customers and drivers

Atlantic gateway is the link between the PDA unit (GPRS Private or Public network) and Avance. Atlantic is responsible for efficiently distributing the information (Job) to the units and maintaining integrity between the data on the units and Avance. Currently Atlantic processes over 400,000 transactions a day and is located in a Data centre having a redundancy server to maintain reliable service.