Get ahead of your competitors

Our software is suitable for transport companies of all sizes, from start up businesses to national transport companies. Designed to bring the normally disparate modules of a transport management system into one single unified system.

Bookings and

Automatically generate quotations for jobs based on service level, distance, time, weight, number of items and other criteria.

Then allocate quickly and easily, directly to drivers. Split, deallocate, reallocate and see driver workloads.

Powerful rates

Determine job charges and driver payments using our rates and rules engine.

Customise all or specific customer rates with conditional rules like distance, freight volume and weight, pick up/delivery location, customer account age and many more.


Cover all aspects of operations and accounts reporting. Built with comprehensive reporting, you can customise your reports to suit specific company requirements, or to fit your corporate brand guidelines.

Self serve
customer portal

Move common customer queries from your call centre to the web, with online booking. Customers can self serve a variety of tasks including creating new bookings, delete bookings before dispatch, check details of historical bookings and track jobs (including viewing PODs).


Setup your invoicing to suit your business, with flexibility to set different invoicing schedules per business unit or customer, issue invoices without requiring a run, determine administrative access and approval flows, and so much more.

Real-time location

Fit your vehicles with our compact trackers to access location data as often as every 10 seconds, providing turn-by-turn detail of your vehicle activities.

Produce reports based on these activities, including vehicle speed, or whether it was stopped or parked, over a set time period.

Meet Gofer: our driver app

Improve your driver experience with our easy-to-use mobile app. Drivers can access job details that have been dispatched to them from head office, and upload proof of pick-up/delivery straight to the job for customer service to access in real time.


Integrating with your business applications

Our software capabilities includes integrating with existing business systems, including applications like Xero.

A user friendly interface

Our interface makes taking a booking, allocating and invoicing a breeze. EDI can be used to create automatic bookings, allocations and invoicing.

App UI